CMC PM 50 C-ST - Cold-Plastic road marking machine with belt drive -agglomerate markings

Item number: CMC-MTLPM50C-ST-13
Available in: AT, DE, CH, EU, on request
Weight: 175 kg
Size: 120 x 118 x 166 cm
Package: Stk. (1Pc.)


The ideal device for easy and quick marking of protection routes and holding beams. The belt drive ensures a uniform agglomerate image.

Gasoline engine:
- power 6,5 HP
- self-winding pull start

Belt drive:

Parking brake on rear wheel:

Swivel front wheel:
To stripe very sharp curves. It can be locked or unlocked during the work by a lever on handlebars. Steering hardness is adjustable by proper regulator

for easily following pre-marking or precisely matching existing line

Glass bead dispenser consisting of:
- gravity glass bead tank, capacity 27 l
- roller for bead distribution, quantity of beads depending on speed of machine
- lever control on handlebars, independent from the control of shoe

Overhanging shoe:
For agglomerate line, with adjustable opening for regulation of material to apply. (The absence of the supporting wheel on the right allows to make 2 lines side by side without having to wait for the drying of the first line).
Line width to be chosen among available widths (look at optional)

with replaceable teeth: assures an uniform distribution of plastic on whole stripe surface. The roller speed is adjustable through 2 variable diameter pulleys

50 cm (achievable only with proper optional equipment)

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