CMC 250 C-ST Ride-on Cold-Plastic Road marking machine

Item number: CMC-250 C-ST
Available in: AT, DE, CH, EU, on request
Weight: 1300 kg
Size: 345 x 110 x 210 cm


Self propelled ride-on cold-plastic road marking machine. Very productive road marking machine for coldplastics. Depending on the equipment, flat bars, agglomerates or rib-markings can be made.

Diesel engine:
- power 34 HP
- liquid cooling
- external alternator to recharge the battery

Lights, turn signals and turning light

Warning board:
for operating vehicles with arrow for left/right car overtaking and 2 flashing halogens

Hydraulic drive with:
- 2 motors directly coupled on rear wheels
- hydraulic negative brakes
- joystick: controls forward, reverse and neutral gear
- variable-flow pump

Parking brake on front wheels

on front wheels, by hydraulic servo-assisted steering (brand ZF)

Steering diameter:
7,35 m

Telescopic pointer:
for easily following pre-marking or precisely matching existing line

Engine shut-off safety device:
- If driver stands up without putting on the hand brake or if someone opens the engine compartment.
- Seat safety device is adjustable on driver weight

with adjustable inclination

Seat with adjustable position:
left/right, forward/back

Sunshade roof

Pressurized tank for cold plastic:
- capacity 250 l
- made of stainless steel
- with hydraulic stirrer

Gravity tank for powder catalyst:
- capacity 22 l.
- With electric dosing device, electronically adjustable

Pressurized glass bead tank:
- capacity 100 l. With
- regulator of pressure and moisture separator

Two-stage two-cylinder compressor:
- flow air rate 827 l/min
- with pressure limiting valve

Shoe for flat line and profile line or shoe for agglomerate line, with adjustable opening for regulation of material to apply. Type and width of shoe to be
chosen (look at optional).

Automatic glass bead gun:
- with air of distribution.
- Diffuser with adjustable slope and adjustable opening angles. Closing delay regulator for bead gun

(achievable only with proper optional equipment)

Kit for agglomerate line consisting of:
- roller with replaceable teeth
- roller holder with hydraulic motor
- 2 priority valves that makes roller and mixer speed
- independent from number of engine revolutions

Electronic spacing device C8000 + program for profile line, with:
- possibility to select 7 different skip line patterns
- possibility to record: total metres made (paint+space), total metres striped (only paint)
- sound speed alarm: rings when operator works outside range of minimum speed and maximum speed. Min. and max. speeds are adjustable. (Maintaining constant speed is important for getting uniform paint film)
- profile program: sets the length of each bar and the distance between 2 bars

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