RMCD standard

Item number: RMCD-Standard
Available in: AT, DE, CH, EU, on request
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With the RMCD Road Marking Control Device we have developed a completely new system to operate road marking machines with more comfort.

The RMCD CAN bus system forms the basis. In combination with the RMCD-Drive, the intuitive operating element, you can read all relevant information on the high-resolution display or simply enter it.

In addition to a completely new user interface (RMCD interface), we have incorporated additional functionalities. Like changing the line or gap lengths while working. A reminder function for services and much more.

- RMCD-Road Marking Control Device - Standard.
- RMCD-Drive (unique handling)
- RMCD-Interface (modern, colourful user interface)
- RMCD CAN bus
- 5 inch high resolution colour display
- Simple, intuitive operation
- All relevant data on one dashboard
- Line / gap automatic
- Change of line and gap during marking activity
- Recording of the work performed
- Service intervals are displayed
- Available in many languages
- Customization of dimensions and units
- Consistent look and feel of STD, ADV and PRO

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