Triopan Helios Master RF yellow 2-seitig, so outside switch

Item number: TRI-777.801
Available in: AT, on request


The running light with up to 10 flashes for small to medium barriers.

Diameter of flash: 180 mm

Flash function: double sided

Color: yellow lens

- single, double and triple flash
- backlight
- body light
- Running light
- Lightning storm / random number generator

Light intensity 350 cd, light color yellow, flashing rate 60 fl./min.

Operating time with battery equipment at 20 degrees:
Dry Battery Type 800:
Single flash: 200 hours
Double flash: 150 hours
Triple flash: 100 hours

Triopan long-life battery:
Single flash: 800 hours
Double flash: 600 hours
Triple flash: 400 hours

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