EBRALIT Super-Fix shaft grout mortar

Item number: BEC-EBRALIT
Available in: AT, on request
Package: kg (25kg)  / Palette (1000kg)


Manhole grout EBRALIT-Super-Fix
The optimal building material for shaft substructures.
Optimal processing requirements due to always freshly produced goods.

With the highly flowable, shrink-free, fast setting and highly loadable grouting mortar EBRALIT, joints are completely poured out under chess frames.

Extremely fast-loading!
In over 300,000 shafts proven!

Special features:
- highly resistant
- ideal flow characteristics
- without shrinkage
- very fast setting in only 5 to 8 minutes
- consistent quality throughout the year
- compressive strength at 20 ° C approx. 13 N / mm2 after 0.5 hours,
- about 57 N / mm2 after 7 days, about 65 N / mm2 after 28 days
- packed in 25 kg bags

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