L 40 Pro Airspray marking machine - hand-held

Item number: CMC-L 40
Available in: AT, DE, CH, EU, on request
Weight: 150 kg
Size: 155 x 65 x 100 cm
Package: Stk. (1Pc.)


Handpushed, simple, easy and uncomplicated airspray road marking machine for small jobs for professionals or in municipal areas!

Gasoline engine:
- power 6 HP
- self-winding pull start

Hand push:
It's possible to equipe the line striper with HMC, the hydraulic motorized chariot. Look at optional.

Parking brake on rear wheel

Swivel front wheel, to stripe very sharp curves. It can be locked or unlocked during the work by a lever on handlebars. Steering hardness is adjustable by proper regulator.

Telescopic pointer:
- for easily following pre-marking or precisely matching existing line

Pressurized paint tank:
- capacity 40 l
- with manual stirrer and cover totally removable for easier and quicker cleaning

Solvent tank:
- for flushing of gun and paint hose

Single-stage two-cylinder compressor:
- flow air rate 394 l/min
- with pressure limiting valve

Automatic paint gun:
with line limiter (shroud), mounted on fixed support with gun height adjustable. (Fixed support can be replaced with pneumatic support or with marking discs. Look at optional). Standard nozzle for 10-20 cm line

(achievable only with proper optional equipment)

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