ATT Hammer Jet V.2 - Road dryer for road marking and road rehabilitation

Item number: ATT-10000-40-85
Available in: AT, DE, on request
Weight: 23 kg
Size: 37 x 152 cm
Package: Stk. (1Pc.)


Hammer Jet V.2 - The unique portable road dryer!

The most compact and versatile jet dryer in the world!
- Drying speed up to 2.5 km/h. Both on asphalt and concrete
- Ergonomic and effective thanks to the Hover Cover nozzle (patent pending)
- Weighs only 23 kg
- 12 liters/hour fuel consumption
- External and replaceable Makita batteries
- Robust IP66 4.3 inch display
- Easy to transport and store
- Non-flammable
- Drying widths from 5 - 30 cm
- Also ideal for applying prefabricated thermoplastics

Examples of use are as follows:
- Line marking - drying and cleaning prior to minor marking work on parking lots, roads, runways and aprons
- Crack repair and joint sealing - drying and cleaning before sealing
- Removing foil markings - heating the foil marking for easier removal
- Roofing felt - heating roofing felt and the surface without open flames
- De-icing of track switches - Rapid heating and cleaning of switches with non-flammable hot air

Display, telematics and GPS system
4.3 inch, 4-button display with Zirocco Telematics and 4G antenna

Drying speed
Up to 2.5 km/h can dry up to 625 meters with one fuel tank

Operating temperature
- 5 ° Celsius to + 40 ° Celsius

Nozzle temperature range
Approx. 50 to 570 ° Celsius

Drying widths
5 to 30 cm - supplied with 20 cm hover cover nozzle

Replaceable nozzle
The patent-pending Hover Cover nozzle can be installed quickly

Fuel type
Standard diesel EN590 or ExxsolD80/Schellsol D70 petroleum/kerosene - 3 - 5 % Zirocco turbine oil

External battery and charging
Makita 12 V, 4 Ah (approx. 1.5 operating hours) including Makita 10.8-12 volt charger

Starting time
Approx. 40 seconds using the start button on the display

Noise level at full power
108 dB LWA

Air filter
1 cylinder filter (approx. 25 hours running time) + 1 easily replaceable pre-filter (approx. 2.5 hours running time)

Dimensions and weight
H: 152 cm, W 37 cm - 23 kg excluding fuel

Maintenance intervals of the turbine module
100 hours (recommended annually)

Transportation / storage
Hammer Jet main transport box (20 kg) 143 x 47 x 56 cm

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