Easy Rider Speed bumps

The EasyRider® speed bumps reduce the speed of vehicles and make the access roads and links in car parks more secure for pedestrians and vehicles. Speed bumps made by GNR are 100% recycled rubber and can be assembled quickly thanks to their practical shape. The Easy Riders® pavements adapt to the course as well as to any surface.

The pressed-in reflector belt ensures that the ground sill remains visible in bad weather conditions and even in a dark night. Glassy cat eyes improve the visibility in addition and warn the drivers in time before the threshold. The underside of the warning threshold is equipped with a recess to allow water to drain more easily and to pass cables or cables.

EasyRider® speed bumps are the ideal and maintenance-free solution for every parking area. Apart from the fact that these thresholds increase security in the parking lot, they can even be regarded as a safety measure in the parking space and thus help to reduce insurance premiums.
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