L 150 Ride-on Airless Road marking machine

Item number: CMC-L 150
Available in: AT, DE, CH, EU, on request
Weight: 825 kg
Size: 220 x 90 x 185 cm
Package: Stk. (1Pc.)


Self propelled Ride-on Airspray road marking machine with hydraulic drive. For street marking in the urban area or on country roads.

Gasoline engine:
- power 27 HP
- external alternator to recharge the battery
- centrifugal pulley

Lights, turn signals and turning light

Hydraulic drive with:
- 2 motors directly coupled on rear wheels
- joystick: controls forward, reverse and neutral gear
- variable-flow pump

2 parking brakes:
- on rear wheels integrated in the hydraulic motors, controlled by the hand brake lever

Steering on front wheels

Steering diameter:
- 6,7 m

Telescopic pointer:
- for easily following pre-marking or precisely matching existing line

Engine shut-off safety device:
- if driver stands up without putting on the hand brake

- with adjustable position (left/right; forward/back)

Sunshade roof

Pressurized paint tank:
- capacity 150 l
- made of stainless steel
- with manual stirrer and cover totally removable for easier and quicker cleaning

Solvent tank:
- for flushing of gun and paint hose

Pressurized glass bead tank:
- capacity 35 l.
- With regulator of pressure and moisture separator

Two-stage two-cylinder compressor:
- flow air rate 1000 l/min
- with pressure limiting valve

Automatic paint gun:
- with line limiter (shroud), mounted on fixed support with gun height adjustable.
- Fixed support can be replaced with pneumatic support or with marking discs. (Look at optional).
- Standard nozzle for 10-20 cm line

Automatic glass bead gun:
- Diffuser with adjustable slope and adjustable opening angles.
- Closing delay regulator for bead gun

(achievable only with proper optional equipment)

Electronic spacing device:
- C8000

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