Original STEIWA-VARIO Kombi 0/2 + 0/4

Item number: STE-3.1-000001
Available in: AT, on request
Package: kg (25kg)  / Palette (900kg)


100% solvent free.
Immediate traffic release due to extremely fast curing.
9 months Storage. Made exclusively of high-quality granite split, this is extremely high abrasion resistance.
Based on the test values ??at 60 degrees, it is documented that STEIWA-VARIO 0/4 is equivalent to the quality of a hot asphalt after curing.

Consisting of
18 Container STEIWA-VARIO 0/2 and
18 Container STEWA-VARIO 0/4
1 pallet = 36 containers of 25 kg

Advantages in Detail:
- 100% solvent free.
- Environmentally friendly made from renewable, plant raw materials.
- Immediately stable due to extremely fast curing.
- Achieved 5.7 kN pressure load 2 hours after installation!
- Optimum connection> 0.5 kN, adhesive tensile strength (equivalent to DSK standard in layered composite) by polymer bitumen.
- No water entering at the edges.
- Tracking test> 2000 overrun.
- Substantially higher softening point and thus very good longevity also with direct sun exposure.
- Perfect resistance to aging even under high stress.
- One-time repair from the small container with quick-drying at hot asphalt quality - Permanent patches with cheap cold mix is a thing of the past.

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