After application technology

Whether airless or air-spray application is often a decision of personal or regional preferences. Both work and thus are all right. We have not sold any air-spray machines in the past few years. Both systems are available in different sizes. Hand-operated, with hydraulic drive or as ride-on-machine.

In the case of cold plastic application, it is important which end product is to be on the road. Flat line, agglomerates or rib markings. After that, our machines are designed in different sizes and designs.

Spray-plastic applications can also be carried out with small hand-operated machines. With reactive beads so permanent markings can be performed. However, preference is given to machines where these beads are "shot" by pressure to ensure curing. In addition, open 98:2 systems and machines with compulsory mixers or 1:1 systems are also available.

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