ParkIt Carstopper

The Park-It® is a 10 cm high floor sill, which safely stops the vehicles on parking bays. The rubber stopper made of recycled rubber prevents damage on the front of the vehicle and also overlaps the actual parking bay boundary. This prevents damage to other vehicles or buildings. They are more durable than concrete or plastic sleepers.

In contrast to concrete or plastic wheel stops, the parking thresholds made of recycled rubber are safer and more durable. A preformed reflective tape provides visibility and safety to the pedestrian and driver, preventing damage to the front or spoiler of the car. The Park-It® parking threshold by GNR is made of 100% recycled rubber

The Park-It® floor sills made of recycled rubber are equipped with integrated mounting holes. They are relatively light and can also be easily mounted by a person. Depending on the substrate, wire nails or bolts or screws and dowels are suitable as fastening material. The flexible material also adapts to uneven road surfaces. The sleepers resist extreme temperature changes and are resistant to moisture, oil and ultraviolet light. They do not deform, tear, crumble, or rot.
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