98:2 MMA Spray System with aggregate anti-skid for bike and buss lane marking.

Item number: BEN-RS300
Available in: AT, DE, CH, EU, on request
Package: Stk. (1Pc.)


MMA Spray System for Bus- and Bike Lanes

Adjustable speed hydraulik system
Spray gun with static mixer and solvent port clean-out
High cfm air supply
Solvent cleaning pump system
Hitch and ball mount

- 32-gallon hopper for Methyl-Methacrylate (MMA)
- 10-gallon hopper for liquid Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO)
- Hopper designed with a 10-degree angle for easy material flow to the pump and easy clean-up
- Stainless steel hopper lids
- 8.5 HP Honda
- Dual compressor for high CFM
- Rotor-Stator: solvent resistant material pumping system
- Quick fittings for pump installation; no tools necessary
- Remote material pump: ON/OFF switch at the gun
- On board solvent flashing diaphragm pump with ON/OFF switch at the gun
- Special, 5-gallon mounting basket for flushing solvent
- Hydraulic power system with material volume control adjustment
- 16-inch wheels for easy mobility
- 6-inch caster front wheel with brakes
- Hitch and ball mount to connect to the line driver or HMC for ease of transport
- 25-foot dual solvent resistant material hose
- Special spray gun with static mixer and solvent port clean out
- Easy to install and remove gun spray nozzle; no tools necessary

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