Trimmrouter B Crackrepair B with petrol engine

Item number: TRIM-00312003
Available in: AT, on request
Weight: 80 kg
Size: 1120 x 560 x 1120 mm
Package: Stk. (1Pc.)


The machine is ideal for milling and spreading cracks during maintenance work as well as preparing the cracks for subsequent sealing.

The machine has been specially designed for the widening and / or cleaning of new, old, cut or manually made of concrete or asphalt conglomerate
Joints the joint is extended by means of a special tool (rotating drill with milling tooth).

Length: 1.120 mm
Width: 560 mm
Height: 1.120 mm
Weight: 80 kg

Petrol engine: 10 PS (7,6 kW)

Standard tools:
- 1/2 inch (12,70 mm)
- 5/8 inch (15,88 mm)
- 3/4 inch (19,05 mm)
- 1 inch (25,4 mm)

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