TH 60 - Thermo Sprayplastic Road marking machine with hydraulic drive

Item number: CMC-TH60
Available in: AT, DE, CH, EU, on request
Weight: 602 kg
Size: 185 x 75 x 160 cm
Package: Stk. (1Pc.)


Thermospray road marking machine with hydraulic drive.

Petrol engine:
- Power 16 HP
- electric starter, manual starter in case of emergency
- alternator for battery charging 55 A
- centrifugal roller

Aworking light and rotating light

Hydraulic drive with:
- 2 motors directly coupled to front wheels
- hydraulic brakes
- Lever control: controls forward, reverse and neutral
- VARIABLE-FLOW PUMP: guarantees more safety for operators and better performance. Allows to mark steep roads.

Engine fan

RMCD - Road Marking Control Device
Optional with probably the easiest to use road marking system!
With high resolution color display and the unique RMCD-Drive!

Rear wheel with 3 settings:
fixed, semi-fixed with spring assistance, free - to mark radii.
It can be locked or unlocked during work by 2 pneumatic controls on the dashboard

Telescopic visor:
- For easy re-marking of existing lines, can be moved to the right or to the left

Double safety device:
- Dead man's lever and emergency stop. If the driver leaves the handlebar or presses the emergency stop, the engine and the torch switch off.
The pressure in the thermoplastic tank is released and the circulation of the diathermic oil stops.

Pressure tank for thermoplastic:
- Capacity 60 l
- with hand stirrer
- with diathermic oil heating jacket
- with circulation pump of diathermic oil for the maintenance of the thermoplastic temperature - activated by electric motor. This configuration allows to keep the motor revolutions at a minimum level during the start-up phase of the oil heater

LPG burner with adjustable pilot flame

Thermostat with regulation of thermal differential (minimum temperature - maximum temperature)

Pressure tank for glass beads:
- Capacity 20 l

Two-stage two-cylinder compressor:
- flow rate 1000 l / min
- with pressure relief valve

Automatic gun for thermoplastic
- movable to the right or to the left.
- Gun head with diathermic oil heating jacket. Mounted on fixed sheath (with adjustable height).
- Standard nozzle for 12 - 25 cm line.

Automatic glass bead gun.
- Diffuser with adjustable inclination and opening angles.
- Shutter delay control for glass bead gun.


Electronic line/gap dispenser:
- C8000

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