ATT Zirocco - street dryer for road marking and road renovation

Item number: ATT-10000-40-MAR
Available in: AT, DE, on request
Weight: 100 kg
Size: 162.6 x 46.9 x 128.1 cm
Package: Stk. (1Pc.)


Do not get stopped by wet or rainy roads conditions. Extend your marking times with the ATT Zirocco Street Dryer even in cool seasons, when dew or wet markings make it difficult or even prevent!

The ATT Zirocco is used:
- to carry out road marking work even in a humid environment.

With modified diffuser:
- to dry / blow out road joints. In order to prepare these optimally for joint grouting.
- for the large-scale drying and cleaning of asphalt or concrete substrates for the application of adhesion.
- for large-area drying and cleaning, if surfaces have to be roughened by means of shot-peening. No gluing of the blasting agent.

See corresponding articles below.

The road dryer for the laying of marking films (construction site markings) has certainly proven to be very successful. To dry the road surface, in order to set up / complete a construction site even under difficult conditions. The same is true when it comes to the challenge to remove stuck marking strips again. Also for the removal of old thermoplastic markings.

Complete Chassis, Cyclone Filter and one battery
DP 250, Telematics 403 WS
ATT Power Jet Turbine PT 1 - 01
Engine Box with two ATT Airtfilter and charger for battery

Drying width: about 15 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm or 120 cm
Drying speed: 4 - 5 km / h
Diesel consumption: 25 - 35 liters / hour
Air capacity: approx. 100 m³ / min
Air temperature: 350 - 550° C
Weight: approx. 100 kg

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