BASCO®Rep Readymix casting compound

Item number: 44-7716-270-U05
Available in: AT, DE, EU, on request
Weight: 8 kg
Package: kg (8kg)  / Palette (600kg)


BASCO®Rep Readymix is a durable, abrasion and weather resistant coating to adapt obstacles such as manhole covers, landings etc. to the existing substrate. Road manholes and smaller potholes can be filled with BASCO®Rep Readymix.

The ideal material to wedge protruding manholes / manhole covers in a winter-proof manner. It also fulfils the same function for protruding metal parts in expansion joints in the area of bridge transitions.

The material can be pulled out to zero. However, it is also elastic enough to accommodate minor movements. This prevents spalling, as with other materials.

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