AR 30 Pro-AV - Battery-powered airless floor marking machine

Item number: CMC-MTLAR30PRO-AV
Weight: 250 kg
Size: 162 x 71 x 100 cm
Package: Stk. (1Pc.)


Simple, lightweight and uncomplicated hand-held road marking machine for emission-free indoor markings!

- Battery operated / rechargeable battery
- Emission-free with battery operation
- Push-pull drive
- Airless piston pump 3 l/min (max. nozzle 0.023);
- Max. Pressure 220 bar
- Digital control and spray pressure display
- 1 removable paint gun with airless nozzle for strokes of 10 - 15 cm
- High pressure paint filter
- Steering front wheel

Fields of application:
- Forwarding areas
- storage areas
- Marking works without emission

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