CMC AR 30 Pro-P-Auto - Airless road marking machine with piston pump 6,17 L/Min

Item number: CMC-MTLAR30PROP-Auto
Available in: AT, DE, CH, EU, on request
Weight: 178 kg
Size: 146 x 64 x 145 cm
Package: Stk. (1Pc.)


Simple, light and uncomplicated hand-guided road marking machine for small markings in the professional or municipal area! Equipped with a piston pump and line/gap automatic.

Petrol engine:
- Power 6 hp - Honda GX200
- Alternator to charge the battery
- Manual starter
(In a few minutes you can quickly replace the petrol engine with the appropriate electric motor. (See the following articles)


C 8000:
Dash/Gap Automatic or

RMCD - Road Marking Control Device
Probably the easiest to use system for road marking!
With high resolution color display and the unique RMCD drive!

Hand-held machine:
It is also possible to equip the AR 30 Pro with the HMC or HMC-C, a hydraulic drive carriage. (See the following articles)

Parking brake
on the rear wheel

Adjustable front wheel,
to mark tight radii. It can be locked or unlocked during work by a lever on the handlebar. Steering hardness can be adjusted by a dedicated control.

Telescopic visor
for easy initial marking or precise re-marking of existing lines.

is adjustable in height

Holder for paint bucket
(diameter max. 32 cm)

Airless hydraulic piston pump
- max. operating pressure 210 bar
- max. volume flow 6,17 l / min

Additional paint gun:
This can be used as a manual gun for stencils or surface markings, or by a trigger handle as a gun for lines. Standard nozzle for 10-20 cm line. (Line width can vary from 5 cm to 30 cm by changing the nozzle and/or adjusting the gun height).

Marker with wheel:
To keep the distance between the paint gun and the roadway the same.

50 cm (Only possible with suitable accessories).

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